Take the Just Drive Pledge

Want to show your support for a cause?
Want a personal challenge to remain focused on the road ahead while driving?

Texting and talking while driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Most people are not aware that in 2018 there were 400,000 people injured in motor vehicle crashes, with 2,841 of them fatal, due to not paying attention to the road. Many individuals are on their cellphones, eating food, or are doing some other work instead of focusing on what’s ahead.  

I know I’ve been guilty in the past of checking a text or two while driving, that’s why I’m taking the Just Drive pledge and I’m asking you to do the same.

Take the pledge

Go to https://safety.nsc.org/ddam-pledge-donation and take the pledge and learn how you can make your donation go farther. 

Then commit to the pledge via text on social media, using the following format… 


I, [YOUR NAME], pledge to Just Drive for my own safety and for others with whom I share the roads. I choose to not drive distracted in any way – I will not:

  • Have a phone conversation – handheld, hands-free, or via Bluetooth
  • Text or send Snapchats
  • Use voice-to-text features in my vehicle’s dashboard system
  • Update Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo or other social media
  • Check or send emails
  • Take selfies or film videos
  • Input destinations into GPS (while the vehicle is in motion)
  • Call or message someone else when I know they are driving

I just took The Pledge at https://safety.nsc.org/ddam-pledge-donation and I nominate [TAG THREE FRIENDS OR ANYONE WHO YOU FEEL NEEDS TO TAKE THIS PLEDGE TOO] to take this pledge with me.

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If taking the pledge for an indefinite amount of time is too big of a commitment or challenge for you then why not just pledge to do it for a shorter period of time like just one week?

Do you know that you have other bad habits while driving, such as eating food, smoking or vaping or taking notes on a piece of paper, that might distract you from being focused? Feel free to include these in your pledge.


What can you do to ensure you remain focused on the drive ahead?

  • It’s not easy for people to break old habits. But here’s what you can do to help you commit to the Just Drive pledge and stay focused on your drive.
  • Put your phone on silent, airplane mode or “do not disturb” while driving and place your phone out of sight and out of reach.
  • If you do need your phone while driving for GPS or similar, consider using a good phone holder for your type of vehicle and phone, and program the destination coordinates BEFORE you put your car into gear. Further, put your phone on “do not disturb” or silent mode to avoid being distracted by incoming calls or texts.
  • Eat before you leave, or wait until you arrive to consume foods. Have a well fitting cup or bottle for the cup holders you have in your car that is easily held and opened with one hand.
  • Clear any loose items from the passenger seat, center console and foot wells to avoid items becoming a distraction should you need to brake or swerve suddenly. This will also help to just have some things out of arms reach.
  • Challenge yourself to wait until your vehicle is in park before you get gum or adjust your GPS etc.
  • Remove those few little items that are hanging from your center mirror. Ensure all your mirrors are properly adjusted for you.
  • Take the extra time to look around your A and B pillars in your car and at intersections and driveways where traffic is entering.
  • Plan for the worst by always looking far ahead, braking early and giving vehicles in front and near you plenty of room. Accidents and dangerous conditions don’t come around all that often but when they do it can often be sudden so be ready.